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Our hotel is located in the heart of the old part of Weiden. This city, home to approximately 45,000 people, will enchant you with its Bavarian hospitality. The district-free city of Weiden in the East Bavarian administrative region of the Upper Palatinate lies some 100 km east of Nuremberg and around 90 km north of Regensburg.

Here you can download a map with directions to the hotel (as a PDF file).

Arriving by car / bus

Autobahn/motorway A 93 (Hof-Kiefersfelden), with exits for Weiden-Nord, Weiden-West, Weiden-Frauenricht and Weiden-Süd.

Bundesstraße/federal road B 22 (Bayerische Ostmarkstraße) (Würzburg-Cham) and B 470 (Bad Windsheim-Weiden).

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z.B. Ingolstadt, Schillerstraße


Arriving by train

Weiden train station is on the following lines: Hof – Weiden – Regensburg (KBS 855), Bayreuth – Kirchenlaibach – Weiden (KBS 867) and Nuremberg – Neukirchen (near Sulzbach-Rosenberg) – Weiden (KBS 870).

In addition to the trains run by German Rail, or Deutsche Bundesbahn, trains operated by a private company, the Vogtlandbahn, also use the Hof – Weiden – Regensburg line.


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